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    We reward our supporters with stable game services and sales growth.

    Entermate continuously reviews an average of 200 domestic and international games each year and uses its accumulated experience in localization and game selection to select around 20 games for which it provides stable, optimal game service. Direct sales, stable game service and profit creation are all possible thanks to the independent company marketplace "iLoveGames' with around 300 employees.

  • business

    iLoveGames Business Partnerships

    Since its establishment in 2011, the company marketplace 'iLoveGames' which services over 20 types of games has been providing optimal service to customers and opportunities for growth to partner companies with its service-oriented philosophy which values customer satisfaction above all else. We would love to hear from you about any proposals you may have for working with iLoveGames in publishing, marketing, business partnerships and so on.


  • Server Support

    Server Support

    We hold our own IDC Center, which allows us to run and support various / latest techniques. Server required to perform the game, and its management, will be structured and diversified capabilities can be expected.

  • Global Support

    Global Support

    Through our branches in Taiwan, China, and Europe(opening soon), the game can be expected to be thoroughly directed and localized, leading strategic success internationally.

  • Diversified Platform SDK Support

    Diversified Platform SDK Support

    Not only UE SDK, but also Admin, Push, Kakao Log-in, Payment, Event, User Support, Leaderboard, and etc. will be provided.

  • Statistic Support

    Statistic Support

    User data will be analyzed, real time, and various statistics will be provided for upwarded and broader sales.

  • Game Dev Support

    Game Dev Support

    Massive database, Distributed Multi Servers, and Client Customizing Techniques will be provided to run the game.

  • Fund Support

    Fund Support

    Funds needed for development will be supported.

  • User Support援

    User Support

    Game experts will smooth sail the users. If the game launches globally, local language, in accordance to servicing regions, speaking experts will be placed.

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